Terms of Service


Please contact me via Twitter (@AusSculpts) or email (ausp.iciousart26@gmail.com) if you are interested in buying a design. Please specify which model(s) you are interested in, and if you have any offers.

If you do not have an established store, I will first ask a few screening questions. This includes but is not limited to: asking if you have experience with or for examples of work with 3D prints, molds, and silicone; asking what brand(s) of silicone you intend to use; what the name of your intended store is and if you have a social media account or site for it; what the timeline looks like for your production. If the answers are unsatisfactory, I may refuse for the moment and ask you to return when you are better prepared. I highly recommend checking out the Intro to Body-Safe Indie Silicone Toys, created by HausGecko on Twitter.

I will hold a sculpt for one week upon inquiry - that is, I will turn away any other interested parties while we negotiate. After that, I will reopen them for new offers, though you may still buy after that period if no one else does.

If we come to an agreement and you purchase the design, please specify the following:

  • Which file type you would like, such as STL, OBJ, etc.

  • An email I can share a Dropbox folder to for the file

  • How you would like me to specify the buyer (for instance, which account to tag on Twitter; whether you would like to remain anonymous temporarily; what site/account you would like me to link on my website; etc.)

Ownership and Credits

If you purchase a fantasy toy model from me, you and your store have exclusive rights to produce and sell any commercial products made from it. You may not resell the design without permission, but please contact me if you have plans to discontinue your store and/or the model and wish to transfer the rights back to me or another store.

I ask that you credit me (Aus / @AusSculpts on Twitter) for the sculpt design in the description of the final product.

Pricing and Payment

Prices will depend on complexity, time spent on the sculpt, and my own judgement of effort and artistry. I will list a price or range, though you can negotiate. You may make an offer lower than the price, but I may ask for more copies of the toy. I ask that the toy is either a custom or at least something with colors of my choosing.

Payment via PayPal is due before I send the file.

Owed Copies

Owed copies of toys are expected, at latest, around 3 months after public sales of the toy have been made. If you are unable to fulfill the obligation of owed toys, I will charge you, at minimum, the cost plus shipping of each owed item, with the possibility of a higher price considering the discount gained originally.


If there are changes you'd like me to make to a model before purchasing, let me know and we can discuss. You may also tweak the sculpt to improve a print after purchase, though please let me know if you intend to make any significant changes to the model.

Model names with a star (*) at the end are working titles and may be changed; you are free to change the name and concept behind a design after purchase. Please let me know if you change the name so that I can keep my site updated.

Character Art and Designs

Some sculpts may have associated character design concepts. Alternatively, I would be happy to design a character or make a painting of an existing design, whether for my sculpts or for someone else's - see my personal website for information on commissions for paintings and character designs.