I am open to sculpt commissions!

Prices typically range from 400-600 USD depending on complexity, though if the design is fairly simple then the pricing can go down to ~300 USD.

The workflow will generally be as follows:

  1. Inquiry

Contact me via Twitter DM (@AusSculpts) or email ( At minimum, please provide:

- Information for the sketch

- Preferences for posting/listing

- A price range/budget.

2. Sketch

I will either make a sketch or you can provide one. Note that sketches may be rough, with exact details sorted out in the sculpting process.

  • Option 1: I sketch from a description.

  • Option 2: you provide a sketch that I refine/edit.

  • Option 3: you provide a sketch for me to use directly.

3. Price Estimation

I will estimate a range for an expected price based on the sketch and other options.

Generally, commissions may range from 400 to 600 USD (subject to change) depending on the complexity, plus a finished toy. I will try to limit my price estimation to a range of 100 USD or less, with the target right at the middle.

4. Sculpt

I will make the sculpt in Blender. I may provide WIP shots, especially for designs that take longer, and I will notify you of any difficulties and major changes from the sketch.

I will send images once done. You may request revisions.

Disclaimer: final sculpt may have differences from the initial sketch.

5. Finalization + Payment

Once you are satisfied with the sculpt, I will give an exact price within the price estimation range. Some negotiation is acceptable, so long as it is still within the price range.

I will ask you to pay via PayPal, and then I will send you the file in any preferred common 3D format via DropBox.

6. Posting/Listing

I will want make renders for my catalog at some point. However, if you would prefer to wait until a later point (such as when the model is released) then that is fine.

You can specify some preferred colors for the render, but I usually won't do anything more complicated than a fade.

Also, unless you prefer otherwise, I would like to make a post on my Twitter and tag you after I finish the visuals.

A note on my preferences:

I strongly prefer pure fantasy/monster/nonhuman designs—I have a mild repulsion to some aspects of human and animal genitalia. Ask if you're unsure. I may be willing to do it, or I'd ask to alter that design element.

Additionally, I am relatively inexperienced with asymmetrical designs. I would be willing to try, but the charge may be higher. If the asymmetry is late-stage (like Oculor) then that might be more feasible.

Other Inquiries

If you are interested in commissioning me for something else, such as a sketch design, character concept, or other 2D art, let me know via Twitter or email. You can see my personal website for information on commissions for paintings and character designs.