Available Designs

Here you will find a listing of all designs I have available! Contact me if any interest you. You may also contact me to reserve a sketch.

Note: Generally, I'm willing to go for a lower price (even lower than the range, if necessary) in exchange for a second copy of the toy at a different size.

Here is a spreadsheet with a list of all my designs, including completed sculpts, sold designs, and sketches. The To-Do order is tentative and may change at any time. You can also view the full sheet here.

P I T C H E R *

A pitcher plant.

Price range: 200 - 400 USD

V E Y T H O S *

A creature from a dark abyss.

Price range: 350 - 500 USD
*Would be interested in getting two copies of the toy.

T H E K O B O L D S *

Two kobolds stacked together.

(A commission-request from knocksounds1; the freebie toy would be sent to them. Their intended size relative to a soda can is shown below.)

Price range: 250 - 500 USD

A M A R Y L L I S *

A flower-inspired design.

Note: One of the carpels/tendrils is longer than the other two.

Price range: 250 - 400 USD
*Would be interested in getting two copies of the toy.